•       The sound level in the brakes is <70 Db.
•       High braking torque is provided for motors of different sizes.
•       Electromagnetic winding is wrapped on coil mold prepared from heat resistant material and protected with epoxy. (coil insulation class H-180 °).
•       All mechanical parts are electrolyzed and protected against corrosion.
•       Asbestos-free linings with high friction coefficient are used in brakes.
•       Brake coil bodies are manufactured from GGG 42 ductile iron and hysteresis losses are minimized.
•       Brakes are designed to be used in all kinds of motors by changing the interconnection flange.
•       Brakes can work in any position.
•       All mechanical parts are processed on CNC benches.
•       All brakes are designed for microswitch, proxyswitch and encoder mounting.
•       Brakes are produced as 24 Vdc as standard except special requests.
•       Brakes are produced in DAF Series between 8 Nm and 480 Nm torques.
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